As a mother of two, Tanya Farah understands the importance of setting a positive example and encouraging a sense of humanitarian consciousness. She believes that “no matter where we are in life, it is an individual’s responsibility to give back in some way. That is the legacy we leave our children.” Tanya hopes that through her love of design and jewelry, the collections she creates which focus on specific charitable campaigns will both enhance the beauty of the world and raise money for important causes. She is currently researching new organizations for her next charitable campaign, so if you have a suggestion please message us through our contact page.

Language of Peace

Born in Iran to Jewish Iraqi parents, Tanya Farah’s story and rich cultural heritage was the inspiration for her Language of Peace Collection. Tanya Farah experienced early on the conflicts that continuously afflict the region. Her family lived through the Middle East prior to moving to Santa Monica, California. Their move was a direct result of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Thus, Tanya Farah understands firsthand the issues in the Middle East, which resulted in the creation of a collection of circular pendants, crafted from 18K gold and hung on a variance of chain lengths with precious faceted stone drops. The open discs are hand inscribed with the words Patience, Faith, Peace, Love, Kindness, or Respect; in three languages (English, Arabic and Hebrew.) The intention of her collection is to promote the essential dialogue between opposing sides. The designer believes strongly that peace begins with words. “I would love to see a world where we can agree to disagree; but can still live with each other as neighbors without killing each other,” says Farah.

A portion of the proceeds from the collection is donated to Seeds of Peace, an organization that encourages Israeli, Palestinian and American youth to communicate and better relate with each other as individuals.

A Million Drops of Water

For her next charitable jewelry campaign, Tanya Farah has focused on donating a portion of the proceeds from her A Million Drops of Water Collection towards organizations that build wells and bring uncontaminated drinking water to civilizations in dire need.

After Tanya learned that children frequently miss school in order to retrieve water from dangerous and distant sources by foot, as a mother of two herself, Tanya felt an urgent need to join the cause.

A Million Drops of Water Collection features a faceted blue diamond canvassed in a delicate single paisley drop of water necklaces crafted in 14K gold.