Tanya began her jewelry design career with a vision to create unique and exquisitely detailed pieces that interpret her life’s journey and the journeys of the women who wear them. Tanya yearned to create her own unique identity and make a name for herself. An unparalleled artist, she has refined her jewelry making techniques over the years, creating designs that are immediately recognizable as hers and hers only.

Sustainably hand-crafted in New York City under her careful guidance, Tanya Farah’s jewelry is made of 18k gold, conflict free diamonds, precious metals, and stunning gemstones. Tanya found herself inspired by the precise geometry in certain
types of flowers, the spectacle of feathers in exotic birds, and the intricate details of living creatures. Each, in its own way, moved her to the act of creation, serving as a source of great wonder and delight that inspires her work to this day. Tanya designs and sketches each piece, even traveling the world to source unique gemstones for her collections. Translating vivid influences from timeless textiles, embroideries, and motifs that are reminiscent of the ancient temples and palaces of her ancestry. Tanya Farah Jewelry makes a unique contribution to the narrative of jewelry history. It is her vision to create heirlooms that are both timeless and feminine, embodying the power of jewelry for pieces that last a lifetime.

This is jewelry that tells a story.